Water....What is our future without it?
The continued sustainable availability of groundwater in Nolan County is essential.
By the year 2050, the population of Texas is expected to reach 39.6 million people,
doubling the current population. Without creating new sources of water, current
Texas waters sources cannot supply the needs of municipal, manufacturing,
electric power generation, and agricultural and rural users.

With increasing use of groundwater in the future, primarily by municipalities, it is
imperative that aquifer water quality and sustainable availability be monitored,
conserved and protected.  Since 1949, when the Texas Legislature provided for
the voluntary creation of water districts, there have been approximately 83 districts
formed. Some water districts include several counties; however, Nolan County
petitioned the Texas Legislature to form its own district. The 77th Texas
Legislature passed House Bill 3659, allowing for the creation of the Wes-Tex
Groundwater Conservation District (GCD),which is to consist entirely of Nolan
County. Voters confirmed the District formation in November of 2002.  At that time,
the current interim board was also elected.

The board of directors is an elected board consisting of one at-large director
elected by the voters of the entire county and two directors elected from each
commissioner precinct by the voters of that precinct. Of the two directors elected
each precinct, one must reside inside an incorporated area and one must reside
outside an incorporated area.

The Wes-Tex GCD Board of Directors has worked hard since 2002 to formulate
and adopt rules that will protect the aquifer without causing undue restrictions on
any user group.  By working together, all the citizens of Nolan County can ensure
the availability of groundwater for future generations.
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