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Dale Adams
General Manager
Wes-Tex Groundwater Conservation
District (Nolan County)
100 East Third Street, Suite 305B
Sweetwater, Texas  79556
325-236-6033 (voice and fax)
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Larry Black, Chairman, Precinct 1, Incorporated
Randall Bankhead, Vice-chairman, Precinct 1, Unincorporated
Randy May, Precinct 2,incorporated
Alton Pyburn, Secretary,Precinct 2, unincorporated
John Reddic, Precinct. 4, incorporated
Miller Walker, Precinct 3, Incorporated
Mark Wright, At-Large Representative
Mark Morrow,  Precinct 3, Unincorporated
Lynda Hall , Precinct 4, Unincorporated
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